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There is no better way to discover the splendors of the Croatian coast but on board a luxury boat! Experience the unique personalities of the individual islands that have something for everyone on board – wine and food tours, adventure tours, fresh seafood, friendly locals, water sports, hopping nightlife and serene national parks. With a Sailing Croatia itinerary tailored personally to you, savor Croatia fully, like you would a masterpiece: experiencing it, rather than just looking.

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Escaping the crowds might sound like a ‘mission impossible’ in a charter destination of Croatia’s popularity, but among its 1.200 wondrous islands, more than a few still remain off the beaten path. Venturing away from the polished and touristy, an authentic Mediterranean awaits, deeply cared for by its proud locals, whose lives still revolve more around the Sun’s ascent and descent, than they do around the tourism season.

The Northern Adriatic region, with its rugged shores, passionate winds, inhabited and uninhabited islands, and divine seascapes, is where you will find this authentic serenity. Its scattered archipelagos, distinctive lighthouses, pop-up restaurants, Mom and Pop’s shops, all around here oozes an air of pristine and untouched with the hands of time. Get away, enjoy the silence and escape into an authentic Croatia.


Cycle, kayak, mountain bike, hike, walk, raft, sail, find lost cities, river sources, treetops – each island hides its own adventures.


World-famous gems coupled with little-known treasures reveal the true Croatia to first time visitors.


Whether it is the sublime beauty of the Kornati archipelago’s 100 islands, the lush green forest-lined bays of Mljet, or the buzzing town of Hvar, and magnificent Dubrovnik; the list goes on. Whatever ports of call are on your radar, it is the small moments like meeting the friendly locals, hearing their remarkable stories and discovering hidden spots only reached by boat – that make up the authentic memories of Croatia that you will cherish.


In a country founded on turmoil, the dining table had always been an arena for wavering sides to come together in delicious peace, and this custom has upheld to the present day. At the cornerstone of the Croatian hospitality, you will always find a bite to nibble on and a drink to toast with. Labelled as ‘local’, Croatia offers an unsurpassed variety of ingredients, traditions, mélanges and styles, today coming together likewise in Michelin star restaurants and family-run trattorias.

Blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, giving soil and hardworking hands of local people, the Dalmatian coast is a true treat for foodies and wine lovers.  From the ubiquitous wine making and olive oil production that surprise with diversity and quality, to the traditions like honey making and cooking in the tribal way of ancient ancestors, a gourmet sailing experience of Croatia is bound to leave a memorable aftertaste, one which lures you into wanting more. 


The easy-going living of the Dalmatian coast couples perfectly with dancing the nights away on the most scenic platforms, from starlit boardwalks to historic fortress rooftops.


Revel in your unique family dynamics cruising along the Dalmatian coast which holds something for every vision of quality time together.

Our boats come as diverse as Croatian islands, making it easy to choose the one perfectly suited to your idea of a perfect Adriatic journey. Go fast and far on a motor yacht, become one with the sea on a sailing yacht, travel comfortably on a catamaran, kick back with loved ones on a gullet or immerse in the opulence of a mega yacht. A perfect yachting experience aboard the perfect yacht!

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